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Downloading media files is one of the best ways to access them. Whether you are thinking of audios, videos, pictures, or anything else, you can find plenty of them online. This saves you from the trouble of having to search for them from offline sources. Since all you need is to search for the specific item you want and click through to the website, it should not be difficult to find these media files.

Many websites allow you to download these files. Some of them may charge you to download, but others will give you the files absolutely free. Your choice depends on the quality of files that you are looking for, and how much you can afford. The only thing that may stand in your way is lack of the tools that you need to get the files. Check out the following.

Media download and converting software

download softwareYou should find some great downloader alterntive that allows you to connect to the internet and download files. Some websites will allow you to use the default setting on your computer or mobile phones to access files. However, there are those that do not allow this and therefore, you need a third party software to do this.

Most of them will require you to copy and paste the URL of the file that you want to download. After downloading the software will also allow you to convert the files. Maybe, they came in MP4 but you need them in MP3 format, and so, you have to convert them.

A stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is crucial to determining the experiences that you will go through when downloading these files. To start with, it ensures that the files download so fast so that you do not spend ages waiting for them. In addition to that, it ensures that these downloads do not get stuck. It is an annoying experience when you are downloading files, and they fail halfway through.

This means that you either have to abandon the download or start all over again. This can be avoided if you search for internet service providers that offer the best speeds and stability.

Enough storage space

download spaceBefore you download media files from the internet, check out their size. You should also find out the amount of space available on your disk. If there is not enough space, you may consider deleting some items, or just looking for additional storage devices. If you do not do this, your download will not go as expected. Some of them will download in parts, but others will not even initiate the downloading process due to lack of space. If your disks are already full, you can simply get a bigger one.


It is an easy thing to download files from the internet, but only if you find sites that are trusted. Make sure that the files are checked for malware before downloading because you may end up installing files that cause harm to your devices.…


In today’s world, where there are so many business phone systems to chose from, it might become a little confusing on the best system to choose. If you want to have a new business phone system in your enterprise, there are several questions that you will need to answer first to figure out what you need:

· Do you need the full system that includes even the physical office telephones or is you in a position to use the virtual telephone services which rely on mobile phones?

· Which kind of a service are you seeking? It is the traditional local landline phones that are provided by your local telecom companies or are you seeking the more recent Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that run over the internet and are offered by several providers?

· If you decide to go with VoIP, will you house it or it will be hosted by a service provider (cloud-based)?


Answering these questions will help you narrow down to what you need thus leaving you with a small pool to choose from. If your company is quite big, it is advisable to go with the VoIP systems that are hosted by a service provider. This not only eases you a lot of pressure as compared to hosting it yourself, but it also allows you to concentrate on other more important issues of your business. Again hosted PBX has a better chance of success as it is under the hands of experts who are used to work, unlike the case where you host it yourself, and you probably lack the right skills to do so.

One of the downsides of hosted or cloud PBX systems is that the subscription cost is usually very high. Numbergroup, however, offers a solution to this. The will offer you free hosted PBX. This means that you will be able to enjoy all the services that come with hosted PBX at no cost at all. Their call rates are also quite low, and therefore there is very little that you need to worry about. All you need to do is a signup and get connected instantly.

With number group hosted PBX, you will get to:

· Enjoy HD quality voice

· Manage and control redirects, call recording and voicemails remotely via an online control panel.

· Provide and revoke accounts online without have to give usernames

· Enjoy audio conferencing

· Enjoy disaster recovery options to help you reroute incoming calls and manage outgoing calls remotely.

· Receive incoming faxes securely through email in PDF attachments.


These are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you chose number group PBX hosting. To learn more about what they have in store, it is strongly advised that you signup and register for free hosting. The most important thing to ensure is that whatever decision you go with, it should be reliable and ease the communications between your clients and your business. Numbergroup offers exactly this and more at no cost. This might be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business.…


Technology has been of great help to the human race. With the help of a computer, you can do many amazing things without using a lot of energy. One primary sector that technology has assisted a great deal is the online buying of event tickets  on platforms like stubhub no fees tickets. This is done with the help of computers and phones, and it takes very few minutes to get your ticket booked. Below are some of the benefits of buying event tickets online.

Highly convenient

One significant advantage of buying event tickets online is that you can easily buy your ticket from anywhere. tdegfcggWith the help of your computer, you can easily buy your ticket from your home, school, and church or even at your place of work. The online booking process is also enabled to those within and out of the country.

It saves money

Gone are the days when one had to travel long distances to get their event tickets from the booking offices. This has been made easy by the use of computers to buy the tickets via the online platform. This method that has enabled people to save a lot of money and energy used during transportation.

Easily accessible

Another benefit of buying event tickets online is that it is easily accessed. The services can be accessed by anyone using a computer, and they can book their online tickets easily at any time and from any place. Phones have also been so helpful in this process because once they have an internet connection one can carry out the process easily without any difficulty.

It saves time

tefdvxWhen ticket booking was manual, people were required to travel to the booking offices to get their tickets. They had to stand in long ques and wait to be served. Through the improvement of technology, people can now buy their tickets through the online platform by providing their details and making the necessarily required payments.

Can be done anytime

Unlike manual ticket booking where they operate in specific office hours, online ticket booking has no time limit. You can buy your ticket at any given time without the fear of offices being closed and waiting to be served. Here you only fill in the required details, and after following all the guidelines, you can get your ticket. It is amazing how one can wake up in the middle of the night, get their computer and buy their ticket then get back to sleep. Thumbs up for technology which has made life very easy.




Social media can be described as the most significant invention of our time. Social media has had a direct influence on how business go about the marketing, and it has also enhanced the number of social interactions. On the flip side, social media can be dangerous if one is not cautious enough. Thus, it is advisable to know what to share with the people you meet there and what should be kept to self. Here are things you should not share on social media.

What you should not share on social media


Mobile phone numbers

If you are yet to share your number, think hard before sharing it with strangers. In case you have already shared it, you also need to rethink and see whether it was indeed the right decision. Keep your number to yourself f you do not want to have people calling you at inopportune times. Another good thing about not sharing mobile phone numbers is that it also keeps you safe from fraudsters.

Personal relationship updates

Relationships are very personal and should not be made public. It could be good news or disappointments, sharing any information about this might do more harm than good. As such, you should not always be quick to let others know what is happening between the two of you but keeping your relationship away from social media. For a fact, the internet never forgets.


Where are you? Again, you do not have to let everyone know your current address. Location updates run a significant risk of making you susceptible to attacks. This can be at the office or even at home. Yes, going on a holiday or a night out with your friends is amazing, but letting those that don’t matter know your current location comes with a significant risk altogether.

Financial information

asASdsdYou do not have any reason to flaunt your success or share your financial information on social media. You never know, there might be someone preying to get this information and use it against you. Not sharing any details about your financial assets will ensure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

As much as social media poses some risk, it is undoubtedly an exciting place to be. You only need to play by the rules, know what is meant for others, and what needs to be kept to self. Keeping you and your family will certainly keep you safe from cyber-attacks and all forms of social media ills.…


If by any chance you are planning to buy a drone, you should be ready to due diligence to stand any real chance of purchasing the best drone. Before buying a drone, you need to be crystal about how you intend to use it. Once you have established how you intend to use it, you need to understand that some essential features make different drones suitable for specific applications. That said, here are some features to look at when buying a drone.

Essential features to look at when buying a drone

Control options


How easy is it to control the drone? What can you do with the drone? It is essential to ensure these questions are answered appropriately before buying a drone. Different drones have different control options and communication protocols. For instance, you might have a drone using WI-FI or Bluetooth, which is then connected to a remote device like a desktop or a smartphone.


Another essential aspect to consider when buying a drone is the GPS function. Some drones feature a GPS drone function. This function serves to create a memory that reminds the drone of its starting point. This way, the drone can always return to its original coordinates in case there is a communication problem. Secondly, the GPS navigation feature is an equally important feature that enables track the drone movements.

Video streaming feature

Not many drones in the market have a video streaming feature. To get a drone that lets you stream your video, you should be ready to part with a significant amount. The amount spent of streaming feature is worth every the price tag. This drone lets you stream the video from a first-person view or a video back to your computer or smartphone.

Battery life

aSxcAszdcSThe battery life of a drone depends on many technical features and the design of the drone. Ideally, how long a battery lasts depends on things like the payload size, propeller speeds, weight of the drone, and of course the battery life of the drone. As such, when buying a drone, check the expected battery life based on these variables.

Ideally, there is no standard to follow when buying a drone. Individual preferences should inform the features needed in a drone. Thus, understanding what you want is the best way to establish which drone that makes sense for you. The price tag is also an important consideration.…

APCChE 2015
27 September – 1 October 2015
Melbourne, Australia

APCChE is a bi-annual conference for the Asian Pacific community of chemical and process engineers and industrial chemists who come together to discuss latest developments in the field, recognise outstanding achievement and share lessons learned.

Download the APCChE 2015 flyer here

Chemeca 2014 Chem-E-CarAre you ready for Chem-E-Car?
Everything you need to know to be in the running

Three conferences at one event

• Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE)
• Chemeca 2015
• International Conference on Coal Science & Technology (ICCS&T)

Unlike the previous conferences, the 2015 edition will bring a different dimension by incorporating the Chemeca conference and aligning with ICCS&T. There will be some exciting keynote speakers presenting combined plenary sessions, and a combined exhibition space. Each conference will still run its own scientific programme. Collectively, it is anticipated that 1,100 will attend in Melbourne, 27 September – 1 October 2015.