Social media can be described as the most significant invention of our time. Social media has had a direct influence on how business go about the marketing, and it has also enhanced the number of social interactions. On the flip side, social media can be dangerous if one is not cautious enough. Thus, it is advisable to know what to share with the people you meet there and what should be kept to self. Here are things you should not share on social media.

What you should not share on social media


Mobile phone numbers

If you are yet to share your number, think hard before sharing it with strangers. In case you have already shared it, you also need to rethink and see whether it was indeed the right decision. Keep your number to yourself f you do not want to have people calling you at inopportune times. Another good thing about not sharing mobile phone numbers is that it also keeps you safe from fraudsters.

Personal relationship updates

Relationships are very personal and should not be made public. It could be good news or disappointments, sharing any information about this might do more harm than good. As such, you should not always be quick to let others know what is happening between the two of you but keeping your relationship away from social media. For a fact, the internet never forgets.


Where are you? Again, you do not have to let everyone know your current address. Location updates run a significant risk of making you susceptible to attacks. This can be at the office or even at home. Yes, going on a holiday or a night out with your friends is amazing, but letting those that don’t matter know your current location comes with a significant risk altogether.

Financial information

asASdsdYou do not have any reason to flaunt your success or share your financial information on social media. You never know, there might be someone preying to get this information and use it against you. Not sharing any details about your financial assets will ensure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

As much as social media poses some risk, it is undoubtedly an exciting place to be. You only need to play by the rules, know what is meant for others, and what needs to be kept to self. Keeping you and your family will certainly keep you safe from cyber-attacks and all forms of social media ills.